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 Our Vision:  Blair Athol North Birth - Year 7 is an innovative and optimistic learning        
community, inspiring all to achieve their full potential.

Our Motto: Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Our Values:  Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Confidence.

Blair Athol North Birth-7 School - BANB7 - (includes preschool, occasional care and playgroups) opened on January 31st 2011. We are a child centred, technology rich, 21st century learning environment, which provides care, education and health services.

We are located 9 kilometres north of the GPO.

Blair Athol North School Birth-7 is a community of learners where belonging, being and becoming are central themes. Our diverse and  multi cultural population enriches our school. We welcome all families and encourage you to become involved with the school community as we work together to foster, recognise and celebrate the achievements of our children.

Please make an appointment for a tour today and discover the BANB7 difference.



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Learning Spaces @ Banb7



2018 School card applications are now being accepted.
Limits have increased this year so please check to see if you may now be eligible.
Schoolcard Information Website

News & Events
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April 30th to July 6th

May 27th to June 3rd


Friday June 11th

Friday June 22nd
Staff participating in 'Building Professional Knowledge'
Great Results in 2016 NAPLAN Growth
See attachments for:
Growth in Reading
Growth in Numeracy

Governing Council Meets
Wks 3 and 8 of each term