Blair Athol North School




BANBi FM is our school radio station run by the students and will soon provide both live and pre-recorded broadcast around the school on FM radio and through internet streaming.

The station will allow students an opportunity to present programs with a variety of focus and interest areas. The station provides a multitude of learning opportunities across the curriculum, with a strong emphasis on literacy (oral language skills, interviewing, persuasive language, information reports) and deepening their understanding of music in context, specifically musical genres and making appropriate musical choices for public broadcast.

The station is still a work in progress as we develop our radio skills through live lunchtime broadcasts and establish an understanding of the equipment and software.



The TV Studio is a very exciting project where children will collaborate in real life learning situations and take on roles such as TV Presenter, Roving Reporter, Camera Person, Sound Technician, Video Editor and Director.

It will involve children working in teams, developing literacy's during production of programs such as script writing, story boarding and post production including cutting and editing video, adding sound and voiceovers.

Eventually we would like to stream live programs over the internet.



Growing, Harvesting, Preparing, Sharing          

At Banb7 we are lucky enough to be part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. We have a fully equipped kitchen with a kitchen specialist, Jodi and our garden has been developed with fruit, vegetable and herb beds, and a chicken coup to provide eggs for our cooking. Our garden specialist is Tom.


The program involves children working collaboratively to build and maintain a garden (on school grounds) according to organic principles, and to grow and harvest a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Children will then prepare a range of dishes using the fruits, vegetables and herbs that they have grown.

There are a number of benefits for children that go beyond children enjoying healthy food, but include learning new skills, learning about different cultures, developing teamwork and self esteem, gaining knowledge in environmental sustainability and building knowledge in the link between the garden and the table.


We would like to thank James Potters Landscaping Company 'Dirt' for the design and getting donations from companies such as Bunnings, Jeffries and the Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

Download SAKG Foundation Philosophy  1072kb                 


Download SAKG Program Co-ordinator Report T2 2012  303kb





The school has a canteen. Children or parents order lunches from 8.35am till 8.55am in the canteen, but late orders may be accepted. The canteen provides a wide range of foods and drinks and often promotes ‘specials’. The canteen is open recess and lunchtime. Canteen price lists are available on request from the canteen. If your child forgets their lunch or lunch order they will be sent to the canteen to order lunch. An account will be sent home to you. It is suggested that children do not bring excessive amounts of money to school.

 Download Canteen Menu Here     2018 Winter Term 2/3 Canteen Menu