BANB7 is well placed to provide students with access to a wide range of digital technologies designed to enhance creative and innovative problem solving across all curriculum areas.

All Year 6 and 7 students have 1:1 iPad access and studios can utilise sets of MacBook laptops and iPads to support their learning.

Our Specialist STEM sessions allow students to communicate, collaborate and think critically through using a range of digital technologies including:

  • Spheros
  • Makey Makeys
  • Ozobots and ProBots
  • 3-D printers
  • Arduino controllers
  • VR/AR Kits

At BANB7 students learn to use digital technologies effectively, ethically and productively as they prepare to thrive as powerful and dynamic learners in the future.


Operating since 2016, the BANB-BARISTAS are a student-led enterprise that caters for our school and wider community. Students joining the initiative are trained as baristas and are given opportunities to develop their hospitality and catering skills in a collaborative and supportive team environment. The BANB-BARISTAS enterprise is fully self-sufficient and raises money for the end of year student graduation, as well as supporting a range of other initiatives around the school. Coffees, Hot Chocolates and fresh home-made ‘treats’ are available daily in the Red Neighbourhood – come in, say hello and grab a quality beverage or two from our friendly BANB-BARISTA team.

BANB7 – Media Arts Lab

Students at BANB7 have access to a fully-equipped and functioning TV Studio and Podcast recording space where content can be created, edited and published for not only for our school community but a potential global audience. With a large green screen, multiple cameras, an editing suite, digital DJing equipment and music production hardware all within a dedicated learning space, students at BANB7 have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the contemporary Media Arts landscape while exploring creative and innovative ways to share their learning and tell their unique stories.

Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

Our Intensive English Language Program (IELP) provides intensive English language support for students from 5 to 12 years of age with specialist teachers, Interpreters and Bilingual School Services Officers (BSSOs). Classes are small and students are taught the Australian Curriculum while focusing on learning English. Students generally stay in the Program for up to 1 year, or longer if needed. They are helped to integrate into mainstream classes and when they are ready to exit the Program a carefully planned transition program is organised so students can successfully continue their education in their local school.

New arrivals students who have limited or minimal English language are eligible to enrol in the program if they enrol within 12 months of arrival in Australia, or 18 months in the case of students entering reception or year 1. Visa and passport details are required at the time of enrolment because some categories of temporary visa holders are not eligible for the program.

Our program offers transport assistance for some students who:

  • have an eligible visa sub-class
  • are under 10 years old and live more than 1.75 kilometres from our school.

Banb7 Innovation Research Project

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